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I have an idea I want to throw around and to get everyone’s input. In the last few weeks I have a taken part in a couple of Tweetstorm to protest the USDA handling of an elephant that is being held in captivity and being abused by it’s owners. The news of Amazon raising it’s rate got me thinking. How would everyone feel about holding a Tweetstorm and targeting the Amazon officers and Board of Directors.….irol-govmanage

A Tweetstorm is a co-ordinated action by many users to send the same tweets out at the same time, generating a storm of tweets. We will use a Tweetsheet of pre-made tweets to the officers and board letting them know that both requesters and workers do not support Amazon’s decision to double it’s rate that they charge to post work..

If we decide to go ahead with the tweetstorm, because of all the MTURK related message boards I think the best way for everyone to stay informed on it is to set up a public Facebook event page because almost everyone has a Facebook page. If you have any questions, would like to help organize this, help with setting up the tweet sheets or assist with helping write up the tweets please drop me a note.

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Interesting idea! Thanks for posting.

One of my concerns is that I’ve seen Turkers reluctant to use their real Facebook or Twitter accounts. Requesters may be more open to this. But maybe I’m wrong.

I think it’s also important to have a clear message/request that is collectively written. Twitter movements get easily derailed/hijacked if they don’t have a core. Maybe join the activity going on here:

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proud_moose and cheerful_panda

say thanks for this post

I’ll see everyone Saturday afternoon. I have to go to Washington DC for a protest tomorrow and am leaving in an hour. When I get back I will look at the feedback that I received about doing a Tweetstorm directed at the Amazon officers and board of directors and decide if we are going forward with it or not.

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