Forums » Ideas » Lets publish version 2.0 of the academic guidelines, reconsidering questions of fair payment and updating recommendations based on new ToS.

I looked at the page called “Meta: Maintaining the guidelines” ( and don’t see anything about having to get 25 upvotes and start a campaign that way in order to make a change to the guidelines. It says “If the change is a major edit, a proposal has to be submitted to the Dynamo thread. After discussing the change the Wiki will be opened and edited, after which the version number will change and all those who have signed the guidelines will be informed by email of this change.” Is the correct action to skip the upvoting/campaign launch step of Dynamo and proceed to submitting proposals and discussion of the changes? Thanks!

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Hi careful_owl,

You are right, my main motive for posting the idea was to make sure enough people know about this before we start but I’m open to your proposal. I created a staging page for the ver 2.0 I’ll post an update on the other thread since more people follow that one.

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says thanks for this post