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Recently we have been receiving emails from Turkers who have gotten suspended from MTurk without any reason, mostly happening after the raise in commission rates. This is a call to document this wave of suspensions. The idea is for Turkers to send the emails that notified them of their suspension (as well as any follow up conversations) to You should anonymize any emails you send to us. We will make sure all the identifiable information is scrubbed out and post the emails on a public page similar to You can also include information such as how long you were a Turker, how many tasks you had completed, and how much money you had in your account when the suspension happened.

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Hey all. I think one of the major challenges of calling out amazon or others for suspending accounts without notice or a chance to get a fair hearing is that there’s very little documentation of what’s going on. It’s easy for amazon and others (and, for sure, amazon isn’t the only company doing this) to say “hey, we found a bad apple and pulled them out of the barrel! Can you blame us??” But, without any info on how widespread and arbitrary this is, it’s hard to hold them accountable for what’s going on. So, if people can post screen shots of the generic emails that they receive and we see enough of these, it makes the case that amazon is acting like an automated voicemail system rather than a responsible company.

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