Forums » Ideas » Finding a way to eliminate the HITs that require the Turker to buy something or require a credit card

There are several hits listed on AMT right now that after you get into the hit, it is one of the surveys that require you to spend money to get a $50 prepaid card. There was also one that said that it would only take a few minutes. It asked if you believe that physics really have abilities. It told me to call a number for the free answer but when you call the number it wants you to put in your credit card information. We are here to work and earn extra money, not to end up spending money on a HIT that only pays $1 - 2. It’s not worth it. Those types of hits should be banned. No one wants to give out their information to anyone that they don’t know is truly a real company. We could be sending our information out to someone with malicious intent and end up getting ripped off. I also think that HITs should be able to pay more money for longer hits. I don’t do alot of hits because they are not worth taking time out. I also think it should be clarified on how to receive a Masters qualification. I realize I have only been working since December of last year, but I am a hard worker and always make sure to pay close attention to directions and other attention tests. I work on MTurk like I would work on my actual job. I want everything to be perfect and I realize that there are people that just skim through. I believe there should be guidelines on how to achieve the Masters qualification.

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