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The legitimacy of this guideline lies in Turkers reaching mutual agreement on it. Lets start signing it to show our support!

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Hello all!

It has been a month since we launched the guidelines and they have been viewed over 12,000 times! Thanks to all who have signed.

We had a suggestion from a commenter on the blog post to get the word out about the guidelines in more venues:

Maybe it would be possible to get this circulated via some official channels. Off the top of my head: CHI Tech News (email newsletter), CACM, XRDS, ACM daily newsletter, Stanford press release. You could also ask researchers you communicate with to broadcast it to their department. There should be some good outlets for communicating in the AI/ML research community (I would imagine they’re heavy Turk users) but I don’t know what publication channels would be appropriate there.

To translate some of that: - ACM = Association for Computing Machinery - CACM = Communications of the ACM (the print and online magazine of the whole ACM) - XRDS = Crossroads, the student magazine of the ACM

What do you all think? One option is we could draft a press release of sorts and send it out to the editors of these various publications.

Once word about the guidelines is out, we could even reach out to organizers of the big conferences like SIGCHI (Computer Human Interaction), HCOMP (Human Computation), AAAI (Association for Advancement of Artificial Intelligence) – places where researchers who use MTurk often publish – and ask them to disseminate the guidelines in their communities’ announcement lists.

Are any Turk workers willing to lead up writing such a press release? I am a researcher and I think it is important for a document like this to be from workers.

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