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And two major changes which were asked for in the letters - Indians will now be able to get bank transfers! - Amazon has promised two-way communication between workers and the company coming in the next few months

Could you, perhaps, post quotes from ‘the letters’ to which this refers? Some thing that shows that ‘WE DID IT! We stood up, engendered change’. Some thing that allows us to understand just how the issues were presented in letters, that we might learn from. Some thing that spells these issues out for us.

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Manish: My journey on mTurk however has been far from smooth. As a worker from India, I have come across a lot of limitations and obstacles that international workers have to face. Limited work availability aside, the biggest challenge we face is when we have to withdraw our money. Though Amazon does allow Indian workers to withdraw their earnings in the form of a cheque, the cheque is sent through regular mail without the option to track it. In more cases than not, this results in the cheque getting lost. We then have to wait for six weeks before the cheque can be reissued, thus starting a vicious cycle. In the last four years, I have had so many problems getting my cheques that I have considered just quitting.

Mills: My request to Amazon would be to have at least some US-based (not outsourced) direct communication with the workforce. Find out what workers need, and work to fill in those gaps. If Amazon would appoint someone to be more involved and to pay attention to what workers need, it would improve the site immensely.

Kristy Milland: I propose a workgroup made up of Turkers, Amazon employees, and Requesters who have a interest in bettering the platform. We could meet virtually to discuss how we can improve mTurk in the future. The discussion could centre around improvements to the platform, ways to build communication between the parties involved, how to market the service externally, or individual concerns with the service. I think it would be a great way to brainstorm ideas that could continue to make mTurk the best platform for crowd work available.

Anon: It is time to upgrade your system, countries other than India and USA, only have payment as gift vouchers, which is not enough, please try to introduce new ways to get paid or improve Amazon Payments. If you can introduce Direct Deposit methods for us, it will be great.

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