How it works

It's often hard to get together and act, that's why Dynamo offers a platform to gather, gain critical mass, and mobilize!
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Researchers studying collective action online.

  • Niloufar Salehi is a PhD student studying human-computer interaction at Stanford University.
  • Lilly Irani is an assistant professor of Communications at the University of California San Diego. Professor Irani is part of a team that has created and maintained Turkopticon for 5 years. Turkopticon is an activist system and technological platform that allows crowdworkers to publicize and evaluate their relationships with employers by rating their experiences.
  • Michael Bernstein is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University, where he directs the Human-Computer Interaction group. His research in human-computer interaction focuses on the design of crowdsourcing and social computing systems.
  • Eva Ogbe and Ali Alkhatib are computer science students at Stanford University.

Follow the instructions on the register page, Dynamo has a two step registration system.

We believe that every worker should have an equal voice on Dynamo. That is why we ask users to confirm their worker identity by completing a HIT. The HIT will give you a registration code that you can use to sign up on Dynamo. We do NOT store worker IDs on Dynamo or link worker IDs to Dynamo accounts in any way. Your anonymity is very important for us. That is why we assign pre-defined screen names to accounts.

That's what the voting system is for.

Actions on Dynamo launch once an idea receives more than 25 upvotes (and at least 50% upvotes). So an action won't happen unless the community agrees that it's a good idea.

We have built Dynamo as part of a research project on understanding how to build systems that support collective action online.

We will continue to support actions on Dynamo for at least another year. After which, we may hand Dynamo over to Turkers to manage. During this period we will write papers about what we have learned. We are looking forward to asking your opinion on these papers by uploading them on Dynamo as a feedback seeking campaign. We want to make sure our research presents an accurate representation of Turkers as you see yourselves.

Post your idea on the Ideas page.

In order for an idea to turn into an action it first needs to be approved by a majority of turkers. Please submit your idea on the Ideas page and if your idea receives 25 upvotes (with more than %50 upvotes) we will help turn it into an action on Dynamo.

We do NOT store your worker ID on Dynamo or link your worker ID to your Dynamo account in any way.

We store all survey responses on Google drive servers and login credentials on Herokuapp servers.