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Posted almost 4 years ago.

Turkers and requesters join us in publishing a public response against the recent increase in commission rates by Amazon.

If you need a Dynamo account, or have trouble editing the wiki send us an email:

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Wiki page for authoring the description and goals

This is the page that will host our response publicize the movement:

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Posted over 4 years ago.

We are writing to let you and the rest of the world know all about who we are. The intent is for you to see that Turkers are not only actual human beings, but people who deserve respect, fair treatment and open communication.

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Wiki page for authoring the description and goals

This is the page that will host the letters you send to us and publicize the movement:

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Posted almost 5 years ago.

We have collectively authored guidelines that will educate researchers and let Turkers hold them accountable to a higher standard.

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Show your support by signing these guidelines, this will make the guidelines more valuable as an agreed upon code of ethics authored by turkers.

Requesters, email us at to agree to and sign the guidelines. Please include your requester name, real name, affiliation, and an optional message.

All signatures will be added to the wiki, we appreciate your support!

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splendid_bird_of_paradise, lovely_cat, and support this.

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Posted almost 5 years ago.

Too many academic researchers make mistakes that lead to bad experiences for Turkers and bad results for them. We are creating public guidelines for ethical academic research on AMT. This guide can include general guidelines for being a good requester and discussions on fair wage and ethics of research on AMT. It will outline steps we will use to make sure any bad academic HITs get fixed, possibly including contacting the researcher's IRB at their university to step in. After we have a complete document, we will gather support by asking turkers and academic requesters to sign it.

Join the disucssion: Feedback on academic HIT guidelines
Completed: over 4 years ago

Read it at